Plant-Based Diet Environmental Benefits Don’t Add Up

The recent push for a plant-based diet has been touted as both environmental and health friendly. Is this really the case though? Our industrial food system is a massive concern for not just us, but all organisms on the planet.

Does A Plant-Based Diet Have Environmental Benefits?

A huge factor in this push for a plant-based diet is the concerns people have voiced over raising livestock for meat. However, upon closer inspection raising livestock doesn’t have to be the problem it’s presented as. What we’ve seen from regenerative agriculture is that livestock production can not only produce food, but improve the environment.

The problem with our livestock production is the same as the problem with our crop production. It’s based on a factory industrial system. The product isn’t the problem. The process we use to get the product is. Changing to a plant-based diet doesn’t address the underlying cause.

In this episode I’ll talk about why livestock isn’t the concern it’s been made out to be. I’ll also talk about how our production method to grow plants is destroying the environment. I’ll also offer a few things your can do to actually make a difference and improve the environment a little at a time. Join me as I explain why the plant-based diet environmental benefits don’t add up.

Support Regenerative Agriculture

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