Developing A Relationship With Death

We don’t really have any relationship with death in the developed world. We don’t kill or process our food, be it plant or animal. We pack our elderly away in retirement communities. Many of us try to keep up the illusion that we are teenagers well into our middle ages. The reality is that we don’t value growing older for many reasons, but a big part of that is because we are terrified of the end of our lives.

Knowing You’re Going To Die Can Let You Live Better

Today I am going to share my experiences with deaths within my immediate family. I think understanding that we are all going to die eventually is incredibly important to living a happy life. I want to share the loss of my brother and my mother with you as well as share what I learned from the experiences. My hope is that you can get something from my experiences and better build a life that you value!

Join me on this full moon and start building a relationship with death so that you can more fully embrace your life.