Stop Labeling Everything As Toxic

Gas mask

I want to address the current trend of labeling everything toxic. It’s not helpful to anyone and worse, it keeps you in a victim mentality and keeps you from taking charge of your situation to affect genuine change. If you really want to build your dream life, then you have to steer your ship. Pointing the finger at something else and avoiding responsibility isn’t going to do it.

Do You Even Know What You Want?

Dream, Plan, Act

Today is a full moon in Pisces. It’s a good time to do a deep dive on yourself. In that vein, I want to talk about the importance of really and truly understanding what you want your life to look like. Far too often, we just go about our lives treading water. Handling things as they come up without any real understanding of how we actually want our lives to look.

Getting Your Summer Community Together

Getting The Summer Community Together

Today is a new moon in Cancer. Cancer is all about your home, friends, and family. This is a fantastic time to get your home in order. I’m not talking about making your house spic-and-span. I’m talking about getting your living environment into a state that allows you to relax and unwind. I’m also not talking about doing it ’cause you have people coming over and you don’t want them to see your house a mess. This is doing it for you!

Look Deep Inside And Let It Go

Today is a Scorpio full moon and that is the inspiration for this episode. Don’t worry if you’re not into astrology. You don’t have to for this process to be helpful. You also don’t only have to do it on a Scorpio full moon. This episode’s content is handy for… well the rest of your life.

The Myth Of Self-Sufficiency

Mountain Log Cabin

It’s time for a sacred cow roast. Actually, this is one of my favorite romantic idealizations. I love the movie Jeremiah Johnson and I love the idea of the mountain man. I’ve been telling people for decades that I was just going to move out into the mountains, build a cabin, and disappear. Unfortunately, that kind of self-sufficiency isn’t real for a lot of reasons. I want to talk about real self-sufficiency and why that legendary mountain man self-sufficiency is a myth.

The Movement We Outsource

harvesting carrots

Happy full moon in Libra! Today I want to look at movement we outsource. This is movement we would normally have to do ourselves, but instead, we basically pay someone else to do it for us. Let’s look at food, clothing, and fuel and how outsourcing this movement has affected our health and lifestyles.

How’s Your Payroll Relationship?

How's Your Payroll Relationship?

Happy New Moon in Aries. It’s a time for action. Take charge and start new projects, meet new people, and plan new adventures! Let’s talk about payroll today! The industrial revolution changed a lot. I mean… major understatement, right? One of the things that changed that I don’t think has been for the better is how we relate to earning an income.

Growing Your Own

Growing Your Own

It’s a full moon in Libra! It’s also only a few days from the spring equinox! That means spring is upon us. It’s a great time to get started producing some food for yourself. Let’s talk about how you can produce some of your own food this year. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s a great idea to start small!