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The Absence Of Evidence Is Not Evidence Of Absence

Science Stuff

Today is bit of a guerrila podcast. I’m once again stuck in Virginia. But the new moon is here and so is today’s episode! This episode let’s take a quick look at anecdotal evidence. We’re not talking about the stuff gathered placebo, double-blind, controlled lab experiments here. This is good old fashioned experience and observation evidence.

Experts, Experts Everywhere

Experts, Experts Everywhere

There is no shortage of experts these days. There are experts everywhere and on everything. We have more access to experts than ever before in human history. But how should we interact with experts? What should our relationship be with them? What really is an expert!?

The Cult Of The Brain

human brain

Our brain has elevated us to the most sophisticated critters on the planet! Well, that’s what we believe. We have held our brain in such high regard, we’ve used it as justification for all kinds of behavior. Much of it trying to prove our conquest over nature.

Are You Not Entertained?

Feet Up Watching TV

Entertainment… It’s satisfying to get home from a long day, plop down on the couch, and flip on the tube isn’t it? I think it definitely has it’s time and place. But what is entertainment doing to your creativity? Not that long ago, entertainment was a bit of a luxury and people had to entertain themselves.

The Magic Of Creating Fire

Fire In Front Of Mountains

Few people now know the absolute magic of creating fire from nothing but material found in the environment. There are so many ways to start a fire now, and most of them are so simple that we take for granted what an amazing feat it is. Fire is the original technology. Its use predates modern humans.

Is Technology Using You?

Technology can do more than ever. So much of it may as well be magic it’s so incredible. Technology, and more specifically electronic devices, are becoming a staple of daily life. The saying, “there’s an app for that” couldn’t be more true. But what effect is all this technology having on us?

The Importance Of Words And Language

All to often, we don’t really think about what comes out of our mouth. Yes we say hurtful things that we can’t take back. But that isn’t so much what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the words we use day in and day out. Our choice of words has a huge impact on our outlook. What we say about ourselves can completely alter our perceptions and what is possible for us.

It’s NOT Health Care, It’s Disease Managment

Let’s talk health care! It’s a subject many people are concerned about. Costs have gone up dramatically since I was in my late teens first shopping for my own policy. But the cost of health care isn’t what I’m here to talk about. While that’s a major problem with our current system, what I want to talk about is how our system isn’t really a health care system.

Developing A Relationship With Death

We don’t really have any relationship with death in the developed world. We don’t kill or process our food, be it plant or animal. We pack our elderly away in retirement communities. Many of us try to keep up the illusion that we are teenagers well into our middle ages. The reality is that we don’t value growing older for many reasons, but a big part of that is because we are terrified of the end of our lives.