What We Refuse To Learn From COVID

It’s been over a year since the specter of COVID descended on us. As we are still having our daily lives dramatically affected by the steps taken in reaction to the virus, I’d like to talk about what we’re not looking at. What do we refuse to learn from COVID?

Masks, vaccines, social distancing and too many people not complying. That’s why COVID is still a concern, isn’t it? I entirely disagree. What COVID has shown is the chink in society’s armor. I’m not here to debate whether these measures are helping or not. What I want to look at is the massive unhealth epidemic that is beneath the surface of our COVID woes. We have lowered the bar to the point that what constitutes healthy is laughable.

Whatever the end result of COVID, there will be another outbreak of something and it will be as bad or worse and the major reason is that we’ve neglected our collective health to the point that many of us are limping along mostly because of modern medical and pharmaceutical interventions. The saddest factor in this whole situation, is that the overwhelming majority of our health problems are lifestyle related. Today I take a sobering look at our global unhealth crisis.