The Magic Of Creating Fire

Fire In Front Of Mountains

Few people now know the absolute magic of creating fire from nothing but material found in the environment. There are so many ways to start a fire now, and most of them are so simple that we take for granted what an amazing feat it is. Fire is the original technology. Its use predates modern humans.

We and our ancestors have been using fire for thousands and thousands of years. The most recent evidence, recently discovered, is from 1.8 million years ago. In case you’re wondering, modern humans are only 300,000 years old. Our ancestors started using fire well before we were around and it undoubtedly shaped our behavior and our physiology.

In this episode I want to talk about not only fire, but also the spiritual practice of building a fire without modern technology. I’ll talk about the more recent methods and work back to the most basic method. I’ll also share my experience with building friction fire and how I came to appreciate the magic of creating friction fire.

Hand Drill Demo:

Bow Drill Demo:

Fire Plow Demo:

Flint And Steel Demo: