The Importance Of Words And Language

All to often, we don’t really think about what comes out of our mouth. Yes we say hurtful things that we can’t take back. But that isn’t so much what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the words we use day in and day out. Our choice of words has a huge impact on our outlook. What we say about ourselves can completely alter our perceptions and what is possible for us.

Adventures In Neuro-linguistic Programming

I have recently started studying Neuro-linguistic programming. It’s a fascinating field that uses language to alter the way a person interacts with the world. I have long had an interest in language and have studied several besides my native English. We learn language as our brains are still developing and so our native language shapes how we view the world. Studying other languages helps us understand and use language far more effectively.

People who grew up speaking different languages will relate to the world differently based on the nature of their native languages. I have long thought we are too careless with our words and that even the simplest ones have incredible power over our psyches. This episode I want to share my thoughts on words and language and what they really are, how they shape our thoughts, and how they can limit or expands our perceptions.