I Am Nature, You Are Nature

As much as we act as though we have triumphed over nature and that civilization is here and nature is out there, it’s an illusion. There is no separation between any of us and nature. The truth is that I am nature, and so are you.

With all our technology and our giant cities, it’s easy to feel like the wild places are separate from us. The reality though is that we are totally dependent on nature. Our lifestyles just insulate us from what happens in nature that keeps everything going. It’s understandable that we feel disconnected from nature in the modern world. Beyond the mindset of man conquering nature, we no longer live our lives in nature.

This trend has greatly accelerated since the industrial revolution and we’re now at a point where a person can live their entire life without ever leaving their home. While it may not appear this way, even that person is completely dependent on nature. Today I’d like to discuss why we are all a part of nature whether we realize it or not.