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Shake Off Your Domestication

Do you feel disconnected from nature? Do you feel like you’re stuck running on a wheel? Do you feel out of control of your life?

Stop living like an animal in a zoo. Don’t accept your domestication. Explore what it means to live like a human. Shake off your domestication and go feral!

Recent Episodes

Physical, Mental, And Emotional – It’s All Connected

Woman walking down trail in woods

I consider there to be three aspects when it comes to health. There’s the physical, the mental, and the emotional. Problems in one area almost always create issues in the other two. The problem is that we’ve developed a system that only focuses on one area at a time. What’s often needed is an approach that addresses all three to ensure meeting your health goals.

Know Yourself – The Signals Your Body Sends You

yoga on a mountain top

Our body is constantly telling us what it needs and what to avoid. If we listen, we’d almost always be better off. The human body is an incredibly sophisticated thing. Unfortunately, we’ve spent a lot of our lives learning to ignore what it’s telling us.

Let’s talk a little bit about the signals we all often overlook and why overlooking these signals can lead to big problems!

The Absence Of Evidence Is Not Evidence Of Absence

Science Stuff

Today is bit of a guerrila podcast. I’m once again stuck in Virginia. But the new moon is here and so is today’s episode! This episode let’s take a quick look at anecdotal evidence. We’re not talking about the stuff gathered placebo, double-blind, controlled lab experiments here. This is good old fashioned experience and observation evidence.

Experts, Experts Everywhere

Experts, Experts Everywhere

There is no shortage of experts these days. There are experts everywhere and on everything. We have more access to experts than ever before in human history. But how should we interact with experts? What should our relationship be with them? What really is an expert!?